LandCo Marin Full Yard Makeover Part 1: Front of House

Check out the beginning of a recent makeover for a Marin County home. This home was a huge project and took several weeks to complete due to the large square footage, supply chain issues, and the number of projects on site. In this video, we show you the transformation that the front of this house went through.

LandCo Timelapse BlueStonePatio Install

Check out two weeks of work pared down to under 3 minutes as our crews installed some blue stone pavers in this Marin county home.

The Land Co Minute - Episode 01 - Concrete

Check out the first installment of The Land Co Minute!
The Land Co Minute takes you through a variety of processes in the landscaping field in just 1 minute. Episode 1 focuses on concrete. Check it out and share your thoughts.

LandCo Marin Full Yard Makeover Part 3: Fencing

Backyard privacy is an important issue, so building a quality fence to keep out nosey neighbors and forest friends is something we take seriously. Take a look at how we upgraded a no-climb fence into a showcase feature of this Marin home.

LandCo Marin Full Yard Makeover Part 4: Planters

Have you thought about growing your own vegetables? Many have and really enjoyed the peace and joy that come from growing your favorite veggies. Take a look at how we converted this large unusable lot into a green thumbs dream.

Land Co Marin Full Yard Makeover Part 5: Retaining Wall

Not all yards are created equal, or level. When you want to level off an area for a patio, a retaining wall may be necessary to keep the ground from shifting. Watch as our team took this lump of dirt and created an outdoor living space for these homeowners to enjoy for years to come.

LandCo Marin Full Yard Makeover Part 6: Planting

Check out the major effort it is to install hundreds of plants in this San Rafael home. Over 400 plants, two grass lawns, and a couple dozen trees were installed with a new drip system, sprinkler system, and timer.

LandCo Marin Full Yard Makeover Part 7: Pool Area

Check out the makeover we did for this Marin backyard. New grass lawn, new concrete paths, new plants, and a Bocce Ball court!

The LandCo Minute Episode 2 - Pavers

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Land Co Minute. In this episode, we talk about pavers. Whether you are looking for a driveway, walkway, patio, or entire backyard, pavers are a great option to make a visual statement.

LandCo Minute Episode 03 Working at LandCo

Have you ever wondered what working in Landscaping would be like? Land Co Environments is continuing to grow and is always looking for experienced landscape workers and those that are looking to grow with the company.

The Land Co Minute: Episode 4 - Retaining Walls

Take a look at some of the types of retaining walls you can use for your home in the latest episode of the Land Co Minute.

LandCo Marin Full Yard Makeover Part 2: Driveway

See how we took a patch of dirt and made it a centerpiece of this Marin County Makeover. Paver Driveways make a statement and would be a great addition to your home.